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Say Hello to Hello Moringa

Hello Moringa is our first reseller in Canada. In fact the first anywhere. Go now to their very cool website, where you will be greeted with a charming video from Hello partner Sharon Ninaber offering you a FREE package (plus shipping), of our wonderful Moringa Powder. Here’s the link: HELLOMORINGA.COM

Don’t delay because we know that they have a limited supply for this special launch deal and you don’t want to be disappointed. 
Also included is a downloadable quick start guide with tips and recipes on how to begin your moringa regimen.

The most common question we get from people is; “How do I consume this stuff?” One thing I can tell you from personal experience is, don’t just shove a teaspoon of this fine powder into your mouth and try to eat it like a scoop of chocolate powder! It’s very pungent and if you make the mistake of inhaling some of it into your lungs… well let’s just say it will be a transcendental experience you won’t recover from quickly!

I usually take it as a tea with lemon and honey. Enjoy!

Check Out Our New Look!

As you can see in the banner at the top of this message is new and we have a new look that really tells our story. We’re still working on our final branding package but I couldn’t wait to share this new logo with you. There will be more iterations, packaging and web development around this as well.

Many thanks to 10 Star Agency and designer Alex Montoya for giving us a world-class image to build on.

New Products in Development

We have several new export product initiatives in our pipeline including; chewable Moringa Gummys, Teas from a number of herbs and flowers and Moringa Oil.

For local markets we have just setup a workshop on the farm for the production of Log Furniture. These sturdy benches are made from our Lira Trees planted just a few years ago. The piece shown here hasn’t been treated and finished yet but it will soon be on display in a local market where furniture like this quite popular.

Most of our Lira Tree groves are earmarked to be sold for pole wood that is commonly used in local construction. However, furniture items like this is an example of creating added value products that can be quite profitable. The bench shown here needs finishing and the wood is also treated to protect it from the elements and insects. One think about the Lira Tree is that in the fields the termites don’t like the taste of it and leave it alone.

Moringa For Kids Program Back On Track

Our moringa 4 kids program is finally able to start operating again with Covid restrictions easing in the country. This year we have added distribution of this juggernaut of a tree, Melia Volkensi (Locally known as the Lira tree) to our package which will enable our families to plant their own firewood and construction timber to reduce foraging into forest reserves for the same. 20,000 lira seeds and 6,000 servings of moringa were distributed in our first day back in the community.

We will continue to do this every week at new villages and schools throughout our district. If your looking for such impact in your community please reach out as we are happy to provide the training, seeds, and moringa to get the program started. This is one of the most practical and easy to replicate campaigns with two of the world’s hardiest species being disseminated for immediate positive impact on these communities. We know what were doing here… their very powerful trees. Thanks to Tim Reynolds and Caroline Reynolds and family, Joe Goodwin and all the Eltons out there who have supported these prgrams to reach this stage. We have pver 100,000 seeds being produced on a monthly basis from our mother Priceless Farms site. In a few short years with these community groups being activated we will be in a position to actually reverse deforestation rates with tens of millions of seeds being recollected through these groups and pushed up the ladder for more communities

Aaron Gives TED Talk At IUEA

We knew that the invitation to speak at the International University of East Africa (IUEA) was given and the show was pre-recorded just over a week ago to a small Covid-sized audience. Not streamed live we have yet to view the show which will be released at a later date. We will be posting Aaron’s speech on our site and all the usual social media and here of course. Stay tuned!

To all the wonderful people that have supported Priceless Farms and Ventree Life. We couldn’t do what we do without you and we love you all the way to the farm and back.