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Experience the Nutrient-Rich Wonders of Africa with Our Superfoods

Our products are born of the fertile soils, clean air, and pristine aquifers of central Uganda in East Africa. “The Heart of Africa.” One of the top 10 most biodiverse regions on the planet, Uganda is the epicentre of the world for growing phytonutritional products such as plants, teas and herbs.

Our Priceless Farms is off the grid in an area that has never suffered the effects of industrial pollution on soils and water systems. Located on the shores of Lake Kyoga and the White Nile River, our processing facilities are solar-powered, and all our products are processed and packed on the farm, eliminating the quality-spoiling rigors of traditional supply chain and shipping channels. We deliver all our products directly to you.


The moringa tree is one of the most nutrient-rich plants on earth. Often called “The Miracle Tree.” The medicinal qualities of the tree, particularly the leaves that concentrate most of the phytonutrients of the plant have been known for centuries in India and used in traditional ayurvedic medicine. Only recently has it become popular with health food and fitness conscious consumers in western countries.

The demand is growing and these buyers are looking for high quality, potent moringa powder. VentreeLife and Priceless Farms meet this quality-driven market head-on with a superlative grade of powder grown in the most fecund soils and pristine environment in the world. The high nutrient density of our moringa leaf powder is due to the rich soils and pristine environment in which it is grown. The bottomline is that the potency and efficacy of our moringa leaf powder provides a powerful boost of energy, supports immune function, and promotes overall well-being.

We’ll soon be adding several new products into global “SuperFoods” markets. The funds from these products is essential for our future growth and expansion of our reforestation projects.

Part of the secret of our success is owed to the people that live and work on our farm.

Presently Priceless Farms is home to 14 Farmer families. They are the stewards of the land, protecting our trees and crops, managing their own stake on the property and participating in the planting, pruning, and harvesting moringa leaves for processing. Trained on the farm in the design science of permaculture they have a stake in the success of the farm. In keeping with the philosophy of Permaculture: Earth Care • People Care • Fair share

Our inclusive five stakeholder management model creates a sustainable, profitable organization while also benefiting the farmers and the environment.

When everyone is recognized for their contribution to the organization amazing things happen. In particular the lives and future prospects for the hard-working families that contribute directly with their labor and time while they learn permaculture principles providing them a job, but also the opportunity to develop a career.

The Priceless Farms model is unique in the world of agriculture. We grow therapeutic foods, “Super Foods” that are in high demand 
and increasing globally. Farming and distributing these super foods, enables our organization to develop soil regeneration projects and farm propagation 
using the Priceless Farms’ permaculture design science and agroforestry model. ~