Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa, The Miracle Tree

Moringa has been used for thousands of years all over the world as a natural remedy for many ailments, diseases, infections, and malnutrition. It contains most of the amino acids we need as humans to perform at our very best and a greater amount of vitamin’s than are found in most staple foods that we eat daily.

Most of the nutritional benefits are concentrated in the leaves of the tree. When the leaves are properly dried and processed into a fine powder the bioavailability of the phytonutrients and nutritional benefits of the leaves are increased considerably. In this form Moringa Leaf Powder contains 92 nutrients and 46 antioxidants and has all 20 of the essential amino acids required for cellular synthesis. It helps you fill in the blanks of a healthy diet. Just a teaspoon a day gives you all the benefit's this miracle tree has to offer.

VentreeLife Moringa is Premium Grade

Not all Moringa Powder is created equal!

Premium grade moringa is not so much created as Grown, Pruned, Harvested, Processed, Packaged and Transported to meticulous and exacting manufacturing standards. That’s not easy, and much of available moringa powder on the market doesn’t meet our exacting standards. But you need not take our word for it. 

In Uganda, Priceless Farms is the ONLY producer that is certified with the Q-mark from the Ugandan National Bureau of Statistics as designated by the UNBS Q-Mark.

Further, Priceless Farms is registered with Germany-based company, Phy2 App, a third-party organization that: “Provides information about products to consumers and end-buyers, far beyond the information available through company websites; transparent information that is of most interest to the consumer.”

Phy2 provides Small to Medium Sized agriculture companies such as ours with 5 steps for by providing digital traceability tools and third-party validation for the member company to consumers and commercial buyers.

Our Phy2 member QR-Code displayed here links to all the historical background, management and processing practices that define and Priceless Farms as an organization that covers: 1) The quality of the product. 2) Manufacturing processes 3) Information about social responsibility 4) Information on environmental practices 5) Corporate Information about our company.

This third-party validation for Priceless Farms and our products is very valuable to us as a company but the proof is in the product itself. If you are a consumer and have sampled our Moringa Powder, we would appreciate any feedback you can provide; like us if you get the chance and if for some reason you are not completely satisfied with the product, please advise us so that we can address any issue or suggestion you may have to help us better understand our customers and continue grow as a company.

VentreeLife Moringa Trees

Our moringa trees are grown in the remote regions of the White Nile River where its waters meander and swell through the great lake region of Uganda Africa where our farm, “Priceless Farms” is located. The cultivation practices used to bring you the pure, all-natural ingredients of this product are unique and rare in the world of agriculture.

The founders of Priceless Farms believe in the power of biodiversity to produce highly potent nutritional products. Our farming practices actively regenerate indigenous forests within our herbal crops producing a massive tapestry of insects, birds, lizards, rodents, and all manner of life to breathe nature's awesome power into the soils that produced this product.

“We pick only the best of the leaves from the tree…”

POTENCY. We pick only the best of the leaves from the tree and every package of Ventree moringa powder is
made only from the leaves from the tree. That’s where most of the nutrients are stored. Many producers include the stems as well and while this provides additional fiber it reduces nutritional potency and mainly adds bulk.

We have NOT protected or patent any of our harvesting or processes and we are happy to share our knowledge with anyone. Here is a video about how we approach the farming of Moringa Trees for Moringa Leaf Powder.

Harvesting and Processing is Critical

Moringa is a hardy tree that is highly resistant to pestilence and grows in most regions on the planet. However, the most nutritionally potent Moringa grows in tropical areas—close to the equator. The moment it is picked it begins to die and loose its potency. This is natural of course and it happens very quickly in hot, moist tropical climes.

The best Moringa is picked and consumed immediately, before it decays. But, in order to share the nutritional benefits of this amazing plant with everyone the world-over it must be properly grown in nutrient-rich soils and a pristine water source, then cultivated, harvested and processed to preserve its natural phytonutrients and properly packaged and shipped to its ultimate destination. That’s not easy.

In powdered form the bioavailability of the phytonutrients and nutritional benefits of the leaves are increased considerably. Recommended daily intake is 1tsp per day of this finely ground powder—the equivalent of 8 times the weight of freshly picked leaves.

Moringa For Kids Program

This Priceless Farms program is one of several community initiatives that Priceless Farms has developed over the past few years—mostly education and mentoring programs. This program has been supported over the last two years by a private benefactor and “NAVIO” internationally renowned Ugandan Hip Hop artist.

We have been distributing daily portions of Moringa Powder to schools and orphanages in the villages surrounding the farm. The powder is mixed with porridge and bean soups that the children receive daily.

The results have been impressive. Teachers and orphanage managers have reported that the children are much more alert and happier and sick days reduced dramatically.

Childhood malnutrition is one of the leading causes of the cycle of poverty in developing countries. In countries like Uganda one-third of the children are not receiving the daily nutritional requirements needed for a healthy body and mind. Many children become physically and mentally stunted in their later years as a result.

Childhood malnutrition causes a wide range of issues within the country overall and were very pleased to be able offer this program. Every tree that we sell and every bag we export contributes to programs like this.