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Priceless Farms


The founders of Priceless Farms (Uganda) established VentreeLife (Canada) to represent and promote the agricultural methods and exportable products of the farm to international markets. 

The first of many future installations and farming partnerships, Priceless is located is in East Africa, on the shores of Lake Kyoga and the White Nile River in Uganda. Established in 2015 the farm is a stunning example of re-forestation, permaculture design and community building by a for-profit organization. Recognized in the region by local governance and authorities as a model for future agricultural development in the region.

Regenerating, Forest Propagation organization. Part of a massive revolution with hundreds of other organizations throughout the world we are changing the way farming, food production, reforestation and soil conservation is done; to reverse the effects of desertification in East Africa and throughout the world. This urgent and nascent revolution represents an enormous social and political change that is affecting communities and markets worldwide.

Priceless aspires to be an important part of the nascent and accelerating global movement to fundamentally change the methods and practices of agricultural food and phyto-medicinal production. We have adopted the credo of the worldwide Permaculture movement.


A handful of seeds represents vast forests of trees that have the potential to create tremendous wealth and prosperity while building soils, lifting people and communities, and cooling the earth’s atmosphere. they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil and give life to the world’s wildlife. Soil loss and desertification is a global problem. Healthy trees and forest cover is essential for human survival.