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From the Heart of Africa to You

Our 100% Pure Ugandan Moringa Powder, grown on Priceless Farms on the shores of Lake Kyoga and the White Nile River. Uganda is among the most biodiverse areas on the planet and the epicenter of Herbal and Phyto-medicinal production in Africa.

The fecundity and ancient genetics of the soils, the abundance of pristine water and lakes throughout remote areas of the country are untouched by the impacts of industrial pollution; ideal for growing the most nutritionally potent plants and fibers on the planet. It is here that we plant and cultivate Moringa Trees to produce Moringa Leaf Powder. Processed, hermetically packaged on the farm, and delivered directly to the consumer from the heart of Africa.

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All of our Moringa is grown, cultivated, harvested, processed and packed on our farm, “Priceless Farms” to retain the vital photo-nutrients that are so important to the nutritional value of the powder and delivered directly to you.

We’ve been developing our fields on Priceless Farms in Central Uganda, one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet, for over 6 years.  The cultivation practices used to bring you this naturally pure, highly concentrated nutritious powder is unique and rare in the world of agriculture. The product has been available on the shelves of food stores and pharmacies in Uganda for two years now and we believe that it’s time to bring this amazing product to North America.


I have never been more impressed and inspired by what I witnessed at Priceless Farms during my visit. The organization and remarkable transformation of the degraded landscape apparent from the surrounding properties to the verdant and thriving operation of this truly Priceless Farm. And he put me to work!

Tom Edstrand, Co-Founder of Landyachtz

The Moringa For Kids program has been a tremendous lift to the local community provided much needed nutrition for the schools in the region. Thankyou Pricless Farms for your support and kindness

Anonymous Villager

I got my first sample of this wonderful powder just a month ago and have used it all up and my general health has been improved tremendously. Hurry up and send me more Ventree

Anonymous Canadian Customer

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