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New Era in Herbal Medicine: Eostre World and Priceless Farms Unite for Transformative Healthcare Solutions

New Era in Herbal Medicine VENTREE

KAMPALA, UGANDA – July 23, 2023: Eostre “EE-oss-truh” World Ltd., a pioneering leader in herbal medicine research and development, and Priceless Farms Ltd., a forward-thinking player in forestry herb growth and production, are pleased to announce a new and exclusive supply agreement. This historic partnership heralds a pivotal moment in the African herbal medicine landscape, signifying the dawn of a transformative era in sustainable healthcare solutions.

Eostre World Ltd., led by its visionary founder and CEO, Dr. Jadwiga Nowak – ND, PhD, will be provided with premium quality herbal materials by Priceless Farms Ltd., a partner of VenTree Innovations Inc. These high-potency African herbs will play an essential role in Eostre’s upcoming range of innovative products, including unique African herbal tea blends and a novel body cleansing, immune-boosting, digestive aid, and weight management supplement, set to make a significant impact in the wellness industry.

 “Collaborating with Priceless Farms Ltd., and by extension, VenTree Innovations Inc., is an exciting development for us at Eostre World Ltd.,” said Dr. Jadwiga Nowak. “This exclusive supply agreement marks a significant step in the realization of our long-term vision of pioneering research-driven, nature-inspired healthcare solutions from the powerful herbs that are unique to Africa. Together, we hope to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in the herbal medicine sector, paving the way for a healthier future where sources of herbal raw materials encourage the longevity of the ecosystems where they naturally occur and combat both human and environmental health concerns.”

Eostre World Ltd.’s ongoing project, a potential game-changer in breast cancer prevention, is now at an advanced stage. The anti-breast cancer formula, in its seventh year of rigorous research, has successfully navigated through four of six clinical research stages and is now ready for human trials. The collaboration with Priceless Farms Ltd. will provide the much-needed natural resources for this ground-breaking research to continue and potentially transform the world of cancer therapy.

“We are thrilled to partner with Eostre World Ltd. on this transformative journey,” said Aaron Elton, President of VenTree Innovations. “Our shared commitment to ethical sourcing, environmental sustainability, and creating impactful health solutions makes this partnership a natural fit. The power of nature is immense, and we are excited to leverage our forestry expertise to support Eostre’s pioneering herbal medicine research. By placing new value on the forest ecologies through herbal medicines development, we can have a deep and lasting impact on protecting indigenous plants and ecologies which are otherwise threatened with extinction from extractive survival-based culture vs regenerative and circular systems this union represents.”

In addition to the health benefits, this agreement showcases a promising model of a circular economy that links healthcare and rural farm families – from the soil where the plants are cultivated to the pharmacies where the final products are delivered. It’s estimated that this burgeoning sector could play a crucial role in enhancing the countries’ GDP, promoting economic growth and social progress.

Given the growing demand for non-toxic alternative treatments and the potential market size, it’s projected that Eostre’s food supplement for body cleansing and weight management alone could gross 27 million USD per annum after its fifth year in African markets alone.

Eostre World Ltd. and Priceless Farms Ltd. envision at least 40 more product formulations to be developed in the coming decade and are actively seeking financial partners to support the growth of this incredible industry at an early stage.

For inquiries about the partnership and investment opportunities, please contact [contact information] – KIM PLEASE FILL!!!

About Eostre World Ltd.:

Founded by Dr. Jadwiga Nowak, Eostre World Ltd. is a trailblazer in the herbal medicine research and development sector. The company focuses on leveraging the power of nature to create innovative and sustainable healthcare solutions.

About Priceless Farms Ltd.:

Priceless Farms Ltd., a sister company of VenTree Innovations Inc., is a leader in forestry herb growth and production. It is committed to providing high-quality, ethically sourced herbs for various uses, including medicine and nutrition.

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