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Our Story

The soul of VentreeLife Natural Organics is in the heart of Africa at a place called Priceless Farms, our farm in central Uganda, on the shores of Lake Kyoga where the Nile River flows through on its journey north to Egypt.

VentreeLife is a Canadian company incorporated in 2018 established to support Priceless Farms with development, investment and marketing the phytomedicinal and nutraceutical products produced by the farm to international markets as well as the expansion of the Priceless Farms’ agricultural model of soil regeneration, forest restoration and supporting local communities.

Once named the “Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill, this region is among the most biodiverse places on planet earth. The ancient genetics of these pristine lands and aquifers support a vast array of herbaceous trees, medicinal plants, and therapeutic foods, making this the global epicenter in the production of superfoods and nutraceutical products.

It is here that Priceless Farms has established a stunning example of agroforestry, education, and community building by a for-profit organization, now recognized by local governments and authorities as a model for the future agricultural development of East Africa.Life

Canadian born, Aaron Elton, is our co-founder and CEO. With an extraordinary drive and determination, deep knowledge and passion for permaculture design* science, his journey as an educator, organic farmer and forester has been remarkable. Education is a guiding principle at Priceless, and thousands of people have benefited through the permaculture design certificate programs he has given over the years, some of whom now work on the farm.

There are 14 families living and working in a healthy and enjoyable environment on the farm and they are well trained in the art and science of permaculture design. Using the family farmer community model, our farmers are aware that it is not just a job plant trees and make money but rather an investment each stakeholder contributes to their future and the success of the farm and their community.

Our Flagship Product: Moringa Leaf Powder

We are producing Moringa Leaf Powder, to capture a significant percentage of the leaf powder market in East Africa, Europe, and North America. Since the families living and working at Priceless Farms are the caretakers of the land, their invaluable efforts have been critical to the production of superior grade moringa powder for consumer markets and producers of nutraceutical products.

For more about moringa and our plans for developing an array of products please visit
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* Permaculture is a creative design method that is informed by ethics and design principles and is founded on the observation of natural systems. The permaculture concept applies relationships of all elements of human habitation, from agriculture to ecological building, appropriate technology to education and economics. It teaches us how to create and manage systems for food, medicine, water, shelter and other necessities.