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Ventree: From Seedling to Forest in 7 months

by BENJAMIN K ELTON October 17, 2021

Dear Huggers!

Is it July already?! Groucho Max once said:

“Time flies like an arrow. Fruit Flies like a banana.”

If you don’t know who Groucho Marx is look him up. It will definitely improve your quality of life. He was right on both counts as our plantation of seedlings is becoming a veritable forest In just 7 months!! Now, with the awkward and suspect logic of that analogy in mind I am pleased to announce that the future of 50,000 trees of the heartiest,  fastest  growing hard wood in the world is all-but assured. Acts of god not-withstanding. So please enjoy this video report.

In this presentation Aaron highlights:
• the role of weeds in the health of the soil
• the results produced by our hard-working community farmers.
• how the trees grow and create health and wealth for the community
• the variety of available markets for the fruits of this plantation

We will soon be making announcements about our next plantation of Lira and plans for more tree species for the future. Until then thank you for spreading the word about Ventree to your friends and family and any thoughts or ideas you’d like to share please email me at

Kim Elton